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SGD$16.30 including GST

(excluding medication & delivery fee)

Please book only for the following symptoms

(URTI, Flu, Fever, Gastroenteritis, Joint Pain & Headache, Gynae & UTI for Ladies and Emergency Contraceptive)


Operating Hours

Daily : 8am - 8pm

*Longer wait times expected on weekends & public holidays

For all other medical consultations or symptoms, kindly contact our medical concierge team in the telegram chatbot by typing "/help"

Please do note that Teleconsultation is not suitable for emergency conditions and symptoms (e.g chest pain, breathing difficulties, recurrent vomiting, severe abdominal pain). If you require urgent medical attention, please call 995 or visit your nearest emergency department.

Please note The chatbot is to obtain medical information  like a triage to assist our doctors in their tele-consultation with you. A tele-consultation with our doctors will still be required.


For minors (patients below 16 years old) or those without agency (e.g dementia patients), they must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Organizing Medicine
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