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Get Vaccinated against COVID

57 Medical is an approved provider of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine under the Special Access Route scheme, authorised for use in Singapore by the Ministry of Health


We charge SGD$50 + GST per dose for our SinoPharm Vaccine


The SinoPharm vaccine is suitable for individuals who :

  • 18 years old and above

  • No history of anaphylaxis/severe allergic reaction

  • Have recovered from COVID-19 (More than 6 months after infection)

Observation Time

Observation time of 15 minutes in the clinic after your vaccination


SinoPharm contains an inactivated coronavirus that does not infect you with COVID-19

Your immune system will learnt to produce antibodies to fight against the virus

Contact us now to Get Vaccinated

SinoPharm Vaccine only available in Yishun, Parkway, Pek Kio and Woodlands Branch

* Walk-In*

SinoVac Vaccine only available in Geylang Bahru Branch

*Book appointment via*

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