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Recognition of Overseas Vaccination

All individuals who have been vaccinated overseas with any vaccines approved under the WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL), including booster shots, can get their overseas vaccination records ingested into the National Immunisation Registry (NIR). This includes Singaporean Citizens (SC), Singapore Permanent Residents (PR), Long-Term Pass Holders (LTPH) (e.g. Long-Term Visitor Pass, Work Permit, Employment Pass, S Pass, Dependent Pass, Student Pass) and Short-Term Pass Holders (STPH). For STPHs, this would only be relevant to those who intend to stay in Singapore for more than 30 days.

Ingestion into NIR remotely (no serology required) : SGD$43.60 w GST

For clients who require ingestion of infection records

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Doctor's Desk

For individuals holding vaccination certificates in the following formats, we will digitally verify the QR codes in lieu of a serology test, i.e., no serology test needs to be done before ingestion as long as the QR code can be verified.

We will ingest the records remotely once we are able to verify the overseas vaccination certificates.

  • [Multiple countries] EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC)

  • [Australia] International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

  • [Bahrain] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

  • [Bangladesh] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

  • [Brunei] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate on the BruHealth app

  • [Cambodia] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the Kingdom of Cambodia

  • [Canada] Smart Health Card (SHC)

  • [Mainland China] International Travel Health Certificate

  • [Fiji] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

  • [Hong Kong] COVID-19 Vaccination Record from Department of Health

  • [India] Co-WIN International Travel Certificate

  • [Indonesia] International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the PeduliLindungi app

  • [Japan] Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19

  • [Republic of Korea] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency

  • [Macau] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by the Health Bureau

  • [Malaysia] Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination from the MySejahtera app

  • [Maldives] COVID-19 Digital Certification from the Health Protection Agency Maldives

  • [Myanmar] COVIDPass on the Zada app

  • [Philippines] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Department of Health

  • [Qatar] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Ministry of Public Health

  • [Saudi Arabia] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Tawakkalna app

  • [Vietnam] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

  • [United States] SMART Health Card (SHC) or CDC Vaccination Card

Persons who already have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination recorded in NIR, whether taken locally or overseas, may have their overseas vaccination records ingested without serology testing. This is applicable to both digital and non-digital vaccination certificates.

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