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接种 COVID 疫苗

57 Medical 是经新加坡卫生部授权在新加坡使用的特殊通路计划下获批的国药 COVID-19 疫苗供应商


It's free of charge for all Singaporean, PRs and Singapore Pass Holders.


The Pfizer Bivalent vaccine is suitable for individuals who :

  • 12 years old and above*

  • No history of anaphylaxis/severe allergic reaction

  • Have recovered from COVID-19 (More than 90 days after infection)

Persons below 18 yrs old require consent of parent or legal guardian

Observation Time

Observation time of 30 minutes in the clinic after your vaccination

Correct Interval

Primary Series : Recommended 56 days, min 21 days

Enhanced primary series - Recommended 60 days

Booster 1 - Recommended 150 days

min 120 days (18 yrs old & above)

min 150 days (12-17 yrs old)

After Booster 1 - Recommended 1 year



* 步入*

SinoVac 疫苗只在芽笼峇鲁分行有售


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